Brandon Linn: Spreading the Good Word of Employee Brand Marketing

In this episode of the My BFF Business Leaders Podcast, we speak with a leader in the digital marketing space, Brandon Linn, VP, Employer Brand Marketing and Social Media, Freedom Mortgage. Brandon discusses how the value of brand marketing and social media has evolved over the years.

“I continue to use my secret weapon of storytelling. We don’t just let the moments that matter go by. We highlight the work of our people by showing and telling their stories” – Brandon Linn

“I am fortunate to have been a part of social media as it has evolved. It is a language that I’ve been familiar with and really grew up with as a Millennial. I continue to use my secret weapon of storytelling”. Brandon had the opportunity to sharpen his storytelling skills as a Hollywood writer in Los Angeles for a time where he learned the importance of knowing your audience and the importance of planning and business strategy. Listen to the complete podcast below:

Show Snippet: What new initiative are you working on during COVID-19?

“Every employee who works at Freedom Mortgage has a unique story that aligns well with our brand. What we are trying to showcase is that everyone is a huge component to our overall success. Freedom Mortgage has a diverse group of people who contribute to an aggregate success that ends up being a really big emotional and exciting outcome for a customer which is financial betterment, improvement, achieving homeownership or improvement, their dreams by way of us enabling that lending experience. We feel very fortunate to be doing well and doing good during COVID-19. Freedom Mortgage is hiring right now. To find out more, visit the Freedom Mortgage Careers page.

“Today, we are collecting these stories through our ‘I AM FREEDOM MORTGAGE’ program. We feel very fortunate to be doing well and doing good during COVID-19 as we help people.”

What tips would you provide someone new trying to break into social media?

“You can’t keep up to speed on every platform and trend. If you’re able to be fluid, flexible, keep an open mind, and experiment while keeping steady tabs on what’s working for your business…that’s where you become an artist and scientist those are the hungry, curious people who are having fun with it.”

Be true yourself and don’t become the Steve Buscemi meme!

It is important to be connected to the brand as you represent them on social media. “You are an integral component and channel and the brand is a certain thing that has been built up to stand in its own lane and be authentic and true. You can enhance your brand in a variety of cool, creative, colorful ways without forcing the brand into places it doesn’t belong. So you don’t get the Steve Buscemi meme thrown in your face.

Get to know the brand you work for. Understand the culture of the company because in social media you are a megaphone for it and if your singing the wrong words to a song, you’re just going to look at someone who’s bad at Karaoke.”

Freedom Mortgage has been a client of My BFF Social since 2017. Today, My BFF Social provides reputation management support. “My BFF Social is extremely helpful in almost everything social media and today that includes a lot of that reputation action-orientation. Those pieces that we listen to on our own platforms your team helps us to monitor, analyze, triage and respond to our competitors and our customers. What kind of questions are we getting to ensure that our customers have a super beneficial experience,” added Linn.

Contact us today to learn how My BFF Social can help you listen, respond and drive more BFFs “Business Friends Forever” to your brand or company.

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