Survey Your Customers About (COVID-19)

A great way to stay in front of your prospects and customers is to ask them what they are thinking, planning, and doing to survive during this crisis and thrive beyond it. There are many free or low-cost tools that you may use to solicit feedback including; a newsletter, Survey Monkey, or Google Forms depending on the extent of your mailing list.

Case Study: Rick Ellis “The Value Proposition”

Recently, client Rick Ellis, used his mailing list to collect valuable insights from real estate brokers and agents, then published those findings via his newsletter “The Value Proposition“.

These insights were so powerful that we pitched them to the media and received coverage in online publication Realty Biz News. By surveying his mailing list, he was able to let his prospects and customers know he was not only thinking about them, but doing something about it by gathering relevant information from a peer network and publishing it for the benefit of everyone.

Bonus Marketing Tip: Generating a PR opportunity to gain additional credibility and exposure from an independent, third-party news source has the potential to increase your brand awareness by as much as 10X. This contributes to brand preference and helps to generate leads.

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