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Are you looking for new ways to increase your social media exposure to non followers? Then you should look into posting Reels on Instagram. All you need is a captivating video up to 60 seconds long and add on a trending sound and watch the view numbers soar!

Here are some tips on how to get started:

  1. Scroll through Reels to find trending sounds

*BFF Tip* – keep an eye out for the upward arrow it means that sound is trending.

2. When using Reel features : text, stickers, filters, etc…the Instagram algorithm will prioritize your content and share it to the appropriate audience.

*BFF Tip* – Try to avoid uploading videos with the Tik Tok watermark

3. When you are ready to post make sure to turn on the share to feed toggle.

*BFF Tip* – Turn on the Recommend on Facebook feature to increase your reach

And just like that you have successfully uploaded your first reel!

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