Geek Squad Meets Mad Men with MyBFF AdPros

Having a dedicated advertising agency doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and more and more real estate brokers and teams are realizing the benefits of having a dedicated agency to manage marketing and media budgets.

Staying on top of the ever-evolving value propositions of digital / social media networks such like Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is very time consuming. It is important to stay focused on what you do best – building your brokerage business.

Great entrepreneurs with an ambition to grow realize what they do best and they build teams around them that provide best-in-class services. MyBFF wants to be your marketing agency. It’s just like having an in-house marketing staff, but without all of the headaches of HR, benefits and payroll taxes!

MyBFF Social provides custom marketing and advertising strategies to real estate brokerages, entrepreneurs and affiliated businesses.

MyBFF is pleased to present MyBFF Social AdPros. Think Geek Squad meets Mad Men! Our dedicated professionals will take the time to collaborate with you on an effective social media, marketing and advertising strategy specifically designed to achieve your goals. Let us help you make more “BFFs” Business Friends Forever today!

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