My BFF Social Benefits from Point Park Talent Pipeline

My BFF Social Media is located just five miles east of Point Park University and is one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in the city of Pittsburgh. Its recent brand campaign was directed and produced by Kelly Tran, a graduate of the university’s film program. See what she had to say about the experience and how Point Park prepared her to take on the project below.

“Point Park really prepared me to be a leader. The program gave me the confidence to lead a team and make them feel secure with regard to where the project is going.”

“Point Park University is an incredible asset for creative agencies here in the city. Having a pipeline of talented creatives that are prepared, not only to participate in servicing clients in the advertising, social media and marketing space, but to elevate the My BFF Social brand through their contribution is incredibly powerful,” said Matt Gentile, Managing Director, My BFF Social. “I understand that recent graduates who want to create for a living are unique individuals. My goal at My BFF Social is to provide them with the freedom to create and build out their portfolio utilizing all of the mobile and social media channels now available that exceeds our clients’ business objectives and meets their budget demands,” added Gentile.

Preview the entire My BFF Social Media brand marketing campaign below.

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