Hello to All My BFFs!


It is May 4 and I have launched my second company, My BFF Social!  The company is founded on the idea that one’s friends make the best business connections.  Despite all of the ways that we are able to connect today, the best way to advance your business, make a sale, or recruit a new prospect is by being connected on a personal level.

As every sales person worth their salt will tell you, sales is a belly to belly business. While the visual may be disturbing to some, it remains as true today as ever.


What is new is how we go about making those connections. Instead of networking at the coffee shop or local chamber of commerce event, Facebook and other social networks offer brands and businesses an opportunity to Build out a sphere of personal contacts quickly and easily. The next step is to Foster those relationships with a purposeful, content strategy that makes people want to like, share, or comment on your posts. Lastly, you need a Follow up strategy, whether it is a simple CRM, email marketing database, or direct mail campaign, you must maintain a list of business contacts that you may follow up with over time.


These are your new BFFs – Business Friends Forever. Treat them with respect and cherish them as the best way to grow your business is through a strong and growing network of BFFs!


Contact My BFF Social today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through a powerful combination of social media marketing, advertising, and public relations.




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