Chris Leader: Real Estate Expert and Master Trainer

Chris Leader is the Master Trainer and Founder of Leader’s Edge Training, one of North America’s top Real Estate Coaching Organizations. Throughout his career, he has helped over 50,000 sales professionals take their business to new heights. His focus on accountability continues to shape the future of the real estate industry.

Listen to Chris’ interview below and make sure to add the My BFF Business Leaders Podcast to your playlist – now available on iTunes, Google, Spotify and wherever you download your podcasts!

If you are a real estate, mortgage broker or sales agent, then this is a must listen podcast as you make plans to manage the challenges of COVID-19, and thrive as the economy rebounds.

What is the ROI for brokers and agents who enroll in your training?

“The average agent in our program will see their production rise by 217%. This includes a combination of six listings and/or sales in six weeks. Based on the investment, agents may expect an average return of nearly $60,000. Brokers love us because the companies that hire me know that I deliver results.”

What type of agents benefit the most from coaching?

“The people who sign up for coaching are looking for accountability. Our App is like a FitBit for the real estate professional. It’s like having a digital coach in your pocket. You tell it how much money you want to make and it will remind you what you have to do everyday.”

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