Emily Bezak: Content Marketing Extraordinaire

In this episode of the My BFF Business Leaders Podcast, we sit down with a woman that takes the definition of a content marketer to a whole new level, Emily Bezak.

Emily is a digital marketing manager and strategist with an extensive history that includes working with businesses across a multitude of industries. Some specific organizations include, Highmark Health, Point Park University, L’Oreal and WESCO. Our discussion with her covers various digital marketing topics ranging from how to optimize a platform like LinkedIn to grow your personal brand to tips and tricks for rising professionals that are looking to excel in the competitive world of social media marketing!

In the world of digital marketing, experts are often said to “wear many different hats” when it comes to their official role. Based on her own personal day-to-day lifestyle in the industry, Emily would say that this general perception is a major understatement! Her current role consists of managing and publishing across 7+ different social channels for her lengthy portfolio of clients.

Even with the vast success she has found across social media and her extensive time spent on the respective platforms, Emily’s favorite part of her job is blogging. She enjoys immersing herself in writing and said that if she could solely focus on one task for the rest of her life it would be crafting articles like the ones you can read on her blog entitled, “Emily Bezak Writes”.

Emily also hosts regular webinars that are designed to feature great minds across the digital marketing industry that come together to share their unique expert insights. This program is called “Marketers in PJs”, and we would highly encourage any professional in marketing to tune in because you are guaranteed to take away worthwhile information that will put you on the right track for digital success!

Noteworthy Recognition and Rewards

Emily is a part of the My BFF Network of digital marketing professionals and you can learn more about this online community for marketers and business experts, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mybffonlinebusinessnetwork. Also, you can learn more about Emily and her work by visiting her website at https://www.emilybezak.com.

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