Dontae Carroll: Leading the Way Forward at Keller Williams

On this episode of the My BFF Business Leaders podcast, it is our great pleasure to interview Dontae Carroll, long-time friend and COO of Keller Williams Capital Properties. He oversees the operations of eight offices and over 1,000 sales professionals throughout the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.

Watch or listen to Dontae’s interview where we talk about what makes Keller Williams special, how his career has evolved, how the “DMV” District-Maryland-Virginia real estate market is performing this summer; as well as, his view of George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter movement that it inspired.

Dontae began his career with RE/MAX and prior to his current role with Keller Williams, has worked in leadership positions with CENTURY 21 and Long and Foster. He is a true leader that never stops adding to his own personal value proposition, driving deep, long-lasting, organizational value.

How is the Baltimore-Washington D.C. real estate market?

“The old axiom in real estate is local. Now, if you look at the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virgina (DMV) while not recession proof, is as close to recession proof as it gets.”

“Covid-19 has forced modernization within our industry in terms of best-practices like operating in digital space, online transaction management. On a micro-level in our market, this is an opportunity for us to be the architect of what a forward-facing, post-Covid, digitally-enhanced, still physical experience of being an agent or consumer in the real estate space. It is an incredibly exciting time to be in real estate.

As a person of color, what are your thoughts on George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter movement?

George Floyd’s murder happened at a time when the world had no other choice but to pay attention because of Covid-19. What it illustrated is the duality of the American experience that people of color vs. the majority of the population in America deals with. Parts of my experience are significantly different than a caucasian person in America. It is probably very difficult to understand this strained, disconnected relationship between law enforcement and people of color where literally they fear for their lives. I believe George Floyd’s murder has awakened America to the two America’s that exist.

What is the value proposition that Keller Williams provides that attracted you?

“You can be an agent, coach, trainer, investor, operating principle, you can have equity in a team or build a mega-team. It creates much more value than just a linear model. In our real estate model you can develop an opportunity path that is right for you.”

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