Case Study: Social Media ROI for Mortgage Industry

Audience Growth

Since our company was hired by the nation’s 7th largest mortgage company, their Facebook audience expanded from 5,000 to over 50,000, their Instagram following rose from under 100 to more than 1,200, and their LinkedIn audience grew from under 1,000 to over 21,000. Here is a graph highlighting our growth efforts on behalf of our client: 

In conjunction with this massive audience expansion, My BFF Social’s creative expertise and disciplined execution resulted in tremendous growth for consumer engagement. The mortgage industry standard is a 1% engagement rate for social media content, 2% is considered exceptional for any industry, our client experienced an average of 3.5% throughout 2018 and 2019.


The chart below highlights My BFF’s “Digital Drumbeat” strategy. These efforts focus on targeted campaigns that engage the user on a consistent basis throughout the course of the year, but then increase consumer engagement dramatically during peak home buying season in order to increase overall business opportunity.

The following image demonstrates a year-over-year comparison of client’s Instagram presence before and after My BFF Social implemented their “Optigram” social media strategy. These efforts were solely devoted to Instagram’s platform, and focused on creative campaigns that resonated with the next generation of consumers. 


My BFF Social dramatically out-performed the industry average when it comes to paid advertising with an average engagement cost of $.08, $.34 per like, and $.50 click, which exceeds average by over 75%.  Here are just a few examples of our creative:


Plant the Seeds of Homeownership

Comfort in your Home – Dynamic Media

Happy New Year – Dynamic Media

Employee Spotlight 


In tandem with daily social content management and digital advertising, My BFF Social also monitors customer comments across the digital landscape of social media and third party platforms.


In 2019, My BFF Social monitored nine platforms including, PissedConsumer, Yelp, Glassdoor, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, etc. and responded to over 3,200 customer sentiments. These efforts were dedicated to enhancing the customer’s overall experience and ensuring optimal digital engagement. 


Our ability to rapidly expand and respond to our client’s social media presence derived from our disciplined and creative approach to our customer’s marketing challenges.



Employee Brand Advocacy

Another prioritized focus of our work is on employee advocacy and engagement. We developed creative concepts designed to prompt staff members to become more involved with their company’s digital platforms, and even better position their personal/professional online presence. Here’s an example of a campaign we developed:



We have the creative chops to accommodate any marketing request or need, and we take great pride in our ability to offer these services at a price that is very competitive and far less than hiring a full time social media specialist.


We look forward to by helping you create more BFF’s – Business Friends Forever. Contact Matt Gentile at  412-477-3349 when you are ready to put your social media work for you.


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