Social Media Recruiting Works!

In an economy where the unemployment rate is under 4%, the competition for talent is fierce. Presenting an attractive online image to prospective candidates is increasingly important. Working with medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, My BFF Social has developed a proven system to attract and retain new employees.

Beginning with professional cover art for your most important social media networks. We work collaboratively with your team to identify copy and creative that is on point with your brand value proposition.

Next, we enable your entire workforce to apply professional cover art to their own profile pages through simplified online training. The extended brand awareness not only increases brand reach, but it also drives employee advocacy and retention goals. Creating a sense of pride within the company culture and empowering your employees to drive brand messaging is very powerful.

Social media advertising designed specifically to drive recruiting. We are also able to integrate recruiting ads on Indeed and LinkedIn to drive recruiting goals.

Based on spend, demographic data and timeline, the My BFF team designs a client-specific metrics chart to provide a baseline expectation of return on investment (ROI) throughout the campaign.

We work seamlessly between HR and Marketing teams to ensure brand consistency and compliance requirements. Our goal is to over deliver on service and performance. To date our campaigns have delivered hundreds of leads.

Contact My BFF Social today by calling Matt at 412.477.3349 or emailing and let’s get to work making more BFFs “Business Friends Forever” for your company!

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