Motion Graphics: The Next Big Thing

Visual marketing continues to grow in importance as platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and SnapChat continue to grow in prominence; however, video as has been reported over the past five years will be the next big thing…again. Check out the recent article in Inc., “16 Facts About Content Marketing That Will Help You Succeed in the New Year

The most popular content in 2018 will be video With video, it’s all about the simple economic theory of supply and demand. As demand for video increases, the supply of online videos like motion graphics must go up to meet the expectations of today’s consumers. For marketers, it’s important to understand just how strong that demand is so that they can invest more of their budgets into the right types of video in the new year. The next seven statistics should drive your video marketing efforts in 2018:

According to Cisco, an expected 79 to 84 percent of online consumer traffic will be video traffic in 2018.

  • Hubspot’s 2017 Video Benchmark Report suggests that successful businesses release an average of 18 videos each month to keep up with demand.
  • According to Hubspot, 80 percent of customers prefer to watch an explainer video above all other content types to learn about a brand, product, or service.
  • And if you’re marketing to executives, then video is even more powerful with The Economist suggesting that 85 percent of executives prefer watching a video above all other content types when learning about a product or service.

When considering what types of video to produce, there are three categories you should focus on: personalized videos, motion graphics, and livestream.

To stay in front of the trend, My BFF Social has creatives specifically dedicated to creating motion graphics and video content. The great thing about all the advances in video and mobile technology is that you no longer have to produce $30,000 corporate video to achieve a brand marketing or business objective. Don’t get me wrong, we can produce that style of video (see Embassy Suites Pittsburgh Downtown below), but we are focusing more and more on what brand marketers are demanding, lower cost, more frequent visual content, motion graphics and video or what My BFF Social calls the Digital Drumbeat.

Our new logo demonstrates this new media paradigm. Staying ahead of trend is our business and its why our clients exceed their goals. Contact and let’s discuss a creative content plan and advertising strategy for your business.

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