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Social Media Marketing

Today, mobile and social media are how we connect and communicate with customers, prospects, and friends.

Our goal is to help you develop a social media strategy that identifies and executes a continuous improvement cycle that reduces costs and enhances return on marketing investment (ROI).


Today, we are connected through our mobile devices and social media.

Your customers and prospects are researching your products and services long before they ever make a purchase or decide to join your company.

Public Relations

Effective public relations requires the art of storytelling, the science of communication, and the sticktoitiveness of a professional salesperson. The payoff is significant.

In its purest form PR has the power to move an audience with a timely message that influences opinion about a product, service, or issue. At My BFF Social, PR is woven into the fabric of our services and serves as a cornerstone of our agency philosophy.


Many times companies and executives need a short-term solution provider or simply want to discuss a business challenge with someone who may have a fresh perspective.

MyBFF Social also provides 1-hour webinars that offer instruction on many topics and speakers to provide your business or organization with a fun, engaging, educational session.

Let's Develop a Social Media, Marketing and Advertising Solution that Works for Your Business!

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